Safety Awareness Campaign

Harley Bike Gear announces the

motorcycle safety sign Look

3 Easy and Practical Steps to take to be safe on your motorcycle this summer!

1. Make sure you are wearing proper gear. Many people choose to skip their helmets and other basic safety gear. This can be a fatal mistake.

2. Confirm all your lights are working and you have other reflective striping on your bike. Cars have a harder time seeing bikes and you want to take every advantage you can to ensure they can catch a glimpse, especially during the night.

3. Drive Passively – although fun to zip in and out of traffic and especially when in a hurry it’s easy to forget the basics. Please don’t. It’s better to arrive a few minutes late and yield your right away to a car or truck – eventhough it’s really frustratin. Give them the benefit of the doubt and don’t assume that they are out to cut you off. Remember – you’re the one on the Harley enjoying life properly. They are couped up in a the vehicle and it’s no wonder they are stressed out. wants you to take a couple minutes and be reminder to drive safely.

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